Part of LivingStones mission is to get helpful resources and materials into the hands of Christians and those exploring the faith.

We carry extensive stock of appropriate Christian books, media and other resources with the shop part of our centre. Visitors often appreciate thumbing through the products available to select the perfect book or gift that will help the intended recipient grow in faith. However sometimes it is impractical for customers to visit the shop and in this case we try to find a way for the shop to visit the customer.

We do this through the use of Book Boxes. Under this arrangement a volunteer will take a selection of books and other products into a service at a local Church and will make available books and other products for purchase before and after Church services. By regularly changing the stock available in the “box” we can keep a fresh supply of books and products available to the different Church customers.

To keep these Book boxes available at a particular Church, we need volunteers who is happy to set up a book box stand in their Church and to take responsibility for the sale of any items and the collection of any monies owed.

We also need volunteers who are happy to deliver and collect the Book Boxes from the Church Contacts. These would be typically people with access to their own vehicle who are happy to collect and deliver as requested to each Church Contact. Book Boxes are likely to be rotated around between different Churches.

We are looking for people who are happy to take responsibility for receiving a book box and then regularly taking it into Church and presenting its contents to their local congregation.

If you think this could be you, or you would be happy to drive Book Boxes between Church Contacts, please fill in this form to volunteer.

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