Meet Letitia Mason
Author of Lost Children of Cush

A gripping story based on stories and experience in South Sudan

Book signing at LivingStones
Saturday 8 December 10:30am-1pm

After visiting an exhibition on modern trafficking in Camberley theatre a few years ago Letitia Mason was shocked to learn that enslavement is widespread. She works for Flame International and travels on short term peace and reconciliation missions to South Sudan. A bishop of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan told her that many orphans are looked after on the cathedral compound because otherwise they wander in the bush and sell themselves into slavery.

‘Lost Children of Cush’ is a fictional story based on the accounts she heard from many families in South Sudan who lost their children when they fled the conflicts of the civil war in the 1990’s, or the current tribal conflict. The novel has a hopeful ending because Maria, trafficked to the UK as a child, is helped by a fictional anti-trafficking trust and is eventually reunited with her family, and her childhood sweetheart.

Letitia lives in Camberley with a husband, who travels frequently, and two spoilt dogs. You can follow her through her website or through Twitter: #TishMason1, Facebook: Maria of South Sudan, LinkedIn: Letitia Mason.