Introducing The National Big Church Reads

The Big Church Read is a new initiative that brings together passion for good Christian books from the UK’s biggest booksellers and publishers to create a national Church bookclub that we can all take part in.

There are free videos and resources available to help you read through the book as a group over a 4 to 8-week period and meet regularly for discussion about the book and encouragement along the way. Churches, organisations or individuals are all welcome to take part.

The next book in this national initiative is Singing in Babylon – Finding Purpose in Life’s Second Choices by Jeff Lucas, and is due to start from 17th February for 6 weeks.

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The book is due to be released 01-02-2021.

Here is Jeff’s introduction:

Everyone has to live with second choices – events and circumstances that they would not choose, some trivial, some tragic. Daniel was a man whose life was filled with second choices, but he did more than just survive; he stayed faithful to God and thrived. So what is there to learn from his story in Scripture? You can read more about the book, and the first chapter on The Big Church Read’s website.

All you need to take part in The Big Church Read is a copy of the book. The other resources are available for free directly from The Big Church Read website. You can order the book from LivingStones for £9.99 each. Enquire and order here. Please contact us if you plan to purchase in bulk as we may be able to provide a further discount on orders of 10 or more.

*Please don’t forget to order your books direct from LivingStones!

There is also The Big Lent Read which starts on 17-02-2021. We can source books for this initiative too, if you prefer. Enquire here.

As well as the Big National Church Reads, also on offer are other big church reads by authors from such publishing houses including Hodder & Stoughton, David C Cook, SPCK and Authentic Media. Also listed are church reads administrated by individual churches.

If any churches in Fleet and the surrounding area wish to host their own Big Church Read, we may be able to help you source the bulk quantity of books that you need at a special price.

In the first instance, please visit The Big Church Read website to find out more about this initiative and how it could benefit you – we just ask that you don’t forget to come back to support us with your orders!