LivingStones Clearance Proceeding Well

LivingStones closes for refurbishment to commence at close of business on Saturday 23rd December. This will be your last chance to stock up on cards and Christmas gifts. The shop is due to reopen in mid February. Can we please encourage you to take advantage of our last two days of trading. The more stock we sell the less we have to store.

We also have a large number of books to give away, currently on display on the first floor and we have a couple of pieces of office furniture and four office filing cabinets that are looking for a new home.

Clearing of floors 1 and 2 are both well underway and almost all of our rubbish, from those floors, will have been removed by Christmas. We have a stock check on December 30th and then the task of packing up stock from the shop will commence on January 2nd. Final clearance and removal of items for storage will commence around January 5th, with the building being handed over to our contractors on January 8th.

There are still opportunities to help in the big pack up and moving of items. Anyone with access to a van will be especially welcome for helping us move items to their storage locations. Click here to let us know if you can help.

We are nearly there – come and help us tomorrow (December 23) by buying your last minute gifts or choosing some free books from the selection we have upstairs!

Here are some pictures of the work in progress:

We need your help!

LivingStones will be undergoing major refurbishments between January 8th and February 12th 2018. In preparation for these works commencing there are several key activities that we are looking for help to achieve.

  1. We have to pack up all stock from our shop. Stock then needs to be stored somewhere dry and secure until February 12th.
  2. We have to remove all rubbish from three floors of LivingStones. Rubbish needs to be removed and taken to local municipal tips.
  3. We have to remove and dispose of all unwanted furniture. Much of our existing furniture may need to be disposed of or given away. Help is required in transporting this from the centre.
  4. We have to remove and store until February 12th any items that will ultimately be returned to the centre (paperwork, kitchen ware etc.)

All of this work needs to be carried out between December 11th and January 7th 2018 so we are particularly looking for people able to offer:

  • Physical help in removing items & taking them to the tip.
  • Use of vans or large boot-space cars.
  • A corner of a garage or weatherproof shed in which items can be stored till Feb 12th.
  • Over 95% of the costs associated with the centre renovation have already been met by generous giving, but we are looking for a further £8,000 to allow us to purchase all the final furnishings in the centre.

If you would like to help us in one of the above ways, please click below and complete the online form.

Make use of the new facilitiesStore some stockVolunteer at the centreUse my van/carClearing rubbishTake away old furnitureMake a financial gift to fund final furniture

Support Us

By connecting to Amazon through the link below, any purchases you make at Amazon - especially while we are closed for refurbishment - will benefit LivingStones. You can still call us on 01252 616038 or contact us here with enquiries and to place orders.

To give to us directly either download a form to print or click below to donate online.

Opening Hours

LivingStones closes for refurbishment at the close of business on Saturday 23rd December 2017.

The shop is due to reopen in mid February. We will keep you updated over the coming weeks. You can also Sign up to receive our newsletter with all the latest news and information via email.

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