On Saturday October 6th at 10AM LivingStones will be hosting a morning with Joel
and Pamellah Amonde. Karuna Action have partnered with Joel and Pamela to
build a school in Kampala, Uganda called the “Child Promotion School”.

Working with Karuna since 2012, Joel and Pamela have built a school which now
has over 400 students from disadvantaged backgrounds. They take students from
Nursery all the way to Secondary. Many of the students are orphans, and the
school has grown to be able to house and feed numerous pupils as well as to
provide an education that is sought after by even non-disadvantaged children in the
surrounding region.

Karuna Action have been actively supporting the school since 2012 and regularly
sends teams to work with Joel and Pamela and the children at the school.

In 2016, Karuna Action launched Karuna Coffee, which has been a tremendous
success for the charity. The profits from the sale of Karuna’s home roasted coffee
are invested into projects including the “Child Promotion School” and have
provided significant funding to help Joel and Pamela in their vision. LivingStones
serves and sells Karuna coffee as part of its commitment to Karuna Action.

Come along on Saturday October 6th to meet Joel and Pamela, enjoy a variety of
different Karuna coffees and find out just how buying coffee can make a real
difference in the lives of Ugandan children.