We kept freshly brewed coffee flowing from 8am until 4pm with the help of a wonderful team of volunteers!

At the Fleet Food Festival this year LivingStones served up 300 cups of Traidcraft tea, Karuna coffee and squash to a steady stream of visitors and fellow stall holders.

The Fleet Food Festival is a successful community-focussed event occurring annually at the Views in Fleet. In 2016 there were over 7,000 visitors but there were insufficient coffee and tea outlets resulting in queues of over 40 minutes. Therefore, after our success of providing over 500 cups of tea and coffee at the 2016 Fleet Christmas Festivities, the organisers invited LivingStones to serve at the 2017 Festival.

This was the first outing for our new relationship with Karuna coffee and gave us the opportunity to tell a wide community about the great story of coffee with conscience.