Over 2,600 angels in Fleet on 16 December…

On Saturday 16th December, Fleet high street was “bombed”. It happened last year too but this year, more than twice as many angels invaded the high street. These knitted angels had been seen sporadically around Fleet during the previous week but Saturday was the main show and included The Keys at Elvetham Heath.

Over 2,600 angels were distributed for people to take home as a Christmas gift from people in our community, to people in our community. Each one bore a label saying “Please take me, I’m free. Have a happy Christmas” and with an encouraging message on the reverse. Although there were so many, it didn’t take long for them all to disappear.

Churches Together in Fleet & Crookham had organised this and the angels were knitted by members of the various churches and interested craft groups and individuals. LivingStones shop acted as a hub for donations of wool, provision of patterns and labels and provided a dropping-off point for the completed angels. They were given as a loving gift to the people of our community and as a reminder of what Christmas is really all about.