We accepted the centre back from the builders last week and we are now in the process of re-stocking and re-furnishing the centre together with inviting the builders to come back and snag the bits of their work that were not quite right at the time of the handover.

We have put together a slide show of the progress from the old centre to our new centre as the building works have progressed. (see below)

You may also be interested to compare the artists impression of what the building should have looked like, with the actual of photos of what was handed back to us.  The vision really has become a reality. (see below)

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The centre will be re-opening on March 17th, and we are putting in place preparations that will allow us to open with a celebration of what God is doing among us.  We are seeking to honour the hard work and vision that has been put into the centre during its 35 years of existence.  All of our past managers, as well as the original visionaries for the centre have been invited to join us, and we are hoping that many of our local clergy will also be available to come and pray with us as we re-dedicate the centre.

We want to burn bright again as His light on the High Street in Fleet.  We would ask that you join with us in praying that God will use this great resource to see many people come to know Him and experience His peace and abundance in their lives.

Watch the transformation of the shop.

Watch the creation of the Kitchen/ Diner

Designer’s Vision

As-Built Reality


Be Blessed
The Directors and Staff of LivingStones.

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Please note that if you require items from the shop, we are operating a telephone and email service for orders which can be delivered during this interim period.

Our telephone number remains as 01252 616038 or email us at Livingstones@btopenworld.com

Our temporary office is open Tuesday to Friday 9AM till 5PM.