We’re excited to let you know that the newly refurbished LivingStones Centre opened its doors to the public on a cold snowy Saturday 17th March.

The centre had been closed for two and half months for extensive refurbishment and modernisation. All visitors were encourage to wander around the centre and to take in the major changes that have been achieved. LivingStones directors and staff were on hand to show visitors around the new shop, community rooms, business suite and ground floor drop in space. Karuna Coffee, tea and juices were being served on the ground and first floors and, thanks to the generosity of a number of our supporters, home cooked cakes were in ample supply.

At 11AM Mark Mabin called the assembled visitors to a time of prayer, during which visitors were encouraged to pray a blessing on the work of LivingStones. They did this by first announcing the different Christian organisations that they represented. It was wonderful to have so many different Churches and Christian groups together at one time and to experience the sense of unity that was present.

At the start of the time of prayer there were a good number of visitors present, but by the end of the prayers, when Mark opened his eyes he was visibly stunned to see that the shop was crammed full of visitors joining in and still coming into the shop. Literally standing room only!

Many positive comments were received from our visitors and it seemed that in the shop, the newly introduced artwork and gifts were particular popular. The first floor community rooms and kitchens were also specifically commented upon as potentially really useful for lots of different activities.

Jeremy Dunk, leader of the Fleet Angels, shared a picture that summed up what had been achieved over the past few months. He said that the New LivingStones was like a blank canvas and that it was up to the Christian communities in Fleet to decide what they paint on the canvas.

Let us encourage you all to start painting!!!

Be Blessed
The Directors and Staff of LivingStones.

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