Congratulations to LivingStones director Nigel Stevenson who completed his first ever Marathon as part of the 2018 London Marathon.

Although slower than he had hoped, the personal challenge of training for, competing in and completing 26.2 miles in the hottest ever London Marathon, was immense.  As well as having the personal satisfaction of finishing he can be very pleased to announce that he has raised £2,275 for the Alzheimer’s Society.  That’s nearly £100 for every mile of pain!

He also lost over a kilogram of body weight during the race, but I suspect he will be trying to find it again soon.

There is a picture below of Nigel at the end of the race with his highly prized medal!  Just in case anyone needs proof that he really did finish!!!

Nigel completed his run for the benefit of the Alzheimers Society and has so far raised over £2,275 – perhaps you would like to add to his fundraising and add a personal note congratulating him for completing his challenge on Sunday.