To Give Away

The clearing away at LivingStones is in full swing and there are various things that it just feels wrong to throw away.


First up there are many Christian books that either second-hand, slightly damaged or just didn’t sell in the shop. We have 10 boxes of relatively modern books – We include all photos here.

Have a look at the photos and you will be able to see the available titles from the spine of the book. If you are interested, you have till Thursday to come to the shop and collect. Everything is free. Anything that is left will be given away to Book Aid on Friday 22nd December.

Chairs and Tables

These have now all been given away.

Office Furniture

Finally, we have 5 office desks and chairs and couple of book cases and cupboards that we have carefully disassembled and are in very good condition. These might be a great addition to someone with a small business. We also have some spare filing cabinets.

Take a look at them here. Could you make use of them? – it seems such a shame to have to throw them away.