Builders and craftsmen have now been working on the LivingStones refurbishment for two weeks and progress has been very good. The highlights this week have been :-

  • The main shop ceilings and walls have been plaster-boarded ready for plastering this coming week.
  • The wall between opening up the old kitchen is now removed and the space that it has created is now obvious.
  • Electricians have been rewiring every floor of the building and new network and power points are being installed throughout the building.
  • Fixings for new modern lighting are appearing throughout the centre.
  • The mysterious cellar beneath the shop has been investigated and assumed to be an old coal scuttle, but not big enough to be of any great use to us at this time.

In the background the shop staff and charity directors have been meeting to plan how the new shop will be laid out and choosing positions for new and existing stock lines.


Week 1

Week 2

Three more weeks and we will have the building back.  Exciting Times!

The Directors and Staff of LivingStones.

Please note that if you require items from the shop, we are operating a telephone and email service for orders which can be delivered during this interim period.

Our telephone number remains as 01252 616038 or email us at

Our temporary office is open Tuesday to Friday 9AM till 5PM.