We are now one week into the redevelopment of LivingStones, and all is progressing according to plan. The building has been completely gutted, walls have been moved, ceilings replaced and doorways blocked up.

There have been a few hiccups, like a structural wall that wasn’t supposed to be and wall damage that was originally hidden, but all in all progress has been excellent this week.

A few before and after pictures are attached of the progress to date. We will update these over the coming weeks so that you can monitor the progress occurring.



Exciting times!

The Directors and Staff of LivingStones.

Please note that if you require items from the shop, we are operating a telephone and email service for orders which can be delivered during this interim period.

Our telephone number remains as 01252 616038 or email us at Livingstones@btopenworld.com

Our temporary office is open Tuesday to Friday 9AM till 5PM.